Who We Are

Image by kind permission of Warren Cardwell photography

Family is at the heart of our business and as a small family business we make and create by hand in small batches. This means we always have an eye on quality and each piece is unique.


All of our batches are tracked and tested just as scrupulously as any big company, each product has a complete Safety Report, so you know you are in safe hands with us.


As a family being eco conscious is a huge part of our ethos and so you won’t find hidden plastics around our products. Our aim is for all packing to be plant based, recycled, recyclable or reusable. Meaning we can create wonderful self care products whilst taking care of our surroundings.


Here at Anglesey Soap we are committed to running a company that keeps its carbon foot print as low as possible.


The company began with family. Having children made me realize I wanted to help create a future where there are still animals in our oceans.


I began researching solid shampoos for my first born and slowly things went from there.


Because of our commitment to keeping a low carbon footprint your parcel may arrive in a reused envelope, it won’t look as pretty as some of the other companies out there but it’s the best option we feel. However, if you are ordering as a gift and want it looking pretty and lovely we do have packaging that we source with our values in mind and are more than happy to post your special orders looking fab.


Please feel free to pop us a message if you have any questions,

Love Jadie and Family